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खामोशी की आदत!!!

Posted on: April 4, 2007



मुझे इतनी भी सज़ा ना दे,
मेरे प्यार की इंतहा ना ले…
रुक जा ए चाँद थम जा ज़रा,
दो घड़ी मुझे भी निहार ले…
मैं टूट कर बिखर चली,
मेरी ख़ाक को यूँ हवा ना दे…

दो बोल तुझसे सुन सकूँ कभी,
मैं इंतज़ार मे सदा रही…
तू चल पड़ा मुझे छोड कर,
दीवार सी मैं खड़ी रही… 
सहम गयी हूँ बस इस बात से,
कहीं मुझको तू भुला ना दे…

ये क्या किया तूने ए दिल बता,
प्यार तूने क्यों किया भला…
कैसे कहे अब ये मेरी ज़ुबान,
इक बार तो मुझको गले लगा…
ख़ामोशी की ये आदत कही,
मुझे बेजुबान ही बना ना दे…


17 Responses to "खामोशी की आदत!!!"

I want to put the feed in my blog? Where are terms or license details?

खामोशी की आदत…….. छू गई मन को

You can place this Blog’s feed at your blog untill unless you maintain full credits to Shikha.

oye phatte chakk ditte Shikha ji…. balle balle

बहुत बहुत शुक्ि्रया अशोक जी..

Its nice you like my work.
You can place this Blog’s feed at your blog, with my name and link to my blog. 🙂

Thanks for the help Ikshayar… 🙂

Thanks a lot Modern Devdas for your visit and appreciating my work… 🙂

I am highly impressed by your poetry world, sad are touching ones. I request you to post romantic poets.

Good work. keep it up.

बहुत उत्तम कविता लिखी है आपने !
Keep up the good work…

Thanks a lot Krunal for your visit

Thanks Dr. Hannibal Lecter… Trying my best… 🙂

Thanks Piyush… 🙂 Its nice to see you on my Blog…

Hi shikha,

really nice one n also touching
i have a guest on my blog called pallavi who writes poems tooo

n yo keep writing

please visit sometime

@ Heeren..

Thanks a lot for your liking my work.
I will surely visit your blog… 🙂

यूं लगता है जैसे आपने “दिल तुझको क्यों दिया” नाम की आने वाली फ़िल्म के लिए एक हिट गाना लिख दिया है!

सुंदर ब्लॉग कल्पना 🙂

हौस्ला अफ़्जाई का बहुत बहुत शुक्िरया… रिव जी

I enjoy reading poetry and stumbled upon your website. You have a wonderful talent of putting great words together. Wish my Hindi was half as good as yours.

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Thanks In Advance!!!
Shikha (MahiYa)

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Hey Dear Friend, :)
I am not any perfect poetess, but tries to write whenever I feel so.. I love reading Original Poems, Original Shayari, Good Poets / Shayars / Shayaras / Sher... or something, which shows how well one could express oneself with rhythm, essence and words.
So, here in this Poetry Blog, I am trying my hands on writing something, which may be assumed as Poetry, Shayari, Kavita or something likewise.. :) They are mostly in Hindi.
I Would be pleased if a line of comment be left whenever you visit "Pages From My Diary". It will help me improve my hobby.. :)

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