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This Hurts Me A Lot…

Posted on: June 22, 2007

I am so happy to see so many Comments here… It feels so nice everytime, someone praises my efforts….

Thanks a lot to all the visitors to Pages From My Diary…. 🙂

Yet…. There’s something… I would like to add here… Many People are copying my work, or in easy words…. They are stealing my work, without mentioning my name anywhere where they post it… 😦 And also, upon being caught up, they insist it is their work…. This really feels sad, and depressing to me… After all, I am a human Being, so these things hurt a lot… 😦
And, this is the one major reason, I am not posting anything new here… Frankly speaking… I could not….

I know, Net world is full of these kind of people, but Its a request, this budding Poetess wants to say to all….
Please don’t do this to me… Please Help me Grow… 😦 Please Understand my Feelings… Atleast mention my name wherever u post my Work….

Again Thanks a lot… and Keep Smiling always,

God Bless You All….


16 Responses to "This Hurts Me A Lot…"

I was wondering why you went silent.

It is unfortunate that your work is being stolen.
I guess just as the internet makes it easy to publish,
it makes it even more easy to pilfer.
After all, it only takes four clicks
and a total lack of conscience, to steal your words.
I cannot think of any way you can be prevent it happening.

I understand why you found it difficult to publish.
That, I feel, is counterproductive to your cause.
It denied your readers the opportunity to read your poems.
You may also have lost some of your readers.

May I suggest that you continue to publish.
Yes some of your work will continue to be stolen,
but us readers will appreciate the majority of your work.

The more your poems get to be recognised and read
the more the chance of your readers to recognise
your work, even if they have been stolen.
Does that make sense?
In bengali we had a poet, Tagore?
We quoted his lines in our works,
but never dared to call it our own.
We knew we would be caught and ridiculed.
I hope one day your poems become as well known as being yours. .

I hope you do not think I am lecturing here, its just an opinion.

Plagiarism is a becoming a bigger menace than spams in our country.
I have this friend, whose entire blog (trust me .. post by post .. link by link .. title by title) was copied by this another chap on the net.
We finally got to know about him when he put a link to my blog on his blog and when i went to his website I was surprised to see how easily he was pretending to be the original author of the posts.
When he was told that he could be sued for this .. that was when he deleted the blog 🙂
Since then, We have woken up to the realization that Copyright is really a major issue.
Especially when you are in the creative field (as with you .. your poems are really nice), you really need to be very protective about your work.
Hope people wake up to the realization that copy-pasting wont get them anywhere in life.
All the best anyway .. 🙂

That is really nice .. you got your supporter already..
We know its your original.. what to worry then?

Let the people making themselves fool who steal your work. Atleast you know you the feeling of being original !

hey sweety….
dont be upset with this..
u continue doing ur good work!!!!


Thanks a Lot EveryOne… 🙂 for your valuable opinion / comments here… That’s a great Motivation.

I could just say, I am Coming Back in Action… 🙂

Dear Shikha,

Originality within yourself matters. I understand you as it also happened with me lots of time that someone steal our contents and post on their blog to get good comments. But I think he or she never get respect within their selves because they knew they did not wrote. So even whenever he/she gets comment on their post, it is for you.

Do not resist yourself to write. Blogging is your own inner expression to the world, and you got some people who believe that you are good, that is more important than believe anybody.

I admire your blog and work sincerely.

Carry on and best of luck…..

Best Wishes,
Krunal Dave

Hi Shikha
Hope u r fine!Dont worry dear keep your hard work go on only in this way dis world wil recognize your feelings in way of poetries dear ALL THE BEST.

Once again Hi Shikha,

Hey Shikha dont b upset, U r winner in your own eyes, thts wht will matter u…right?? Dont slow down just coz others r copying it…Remember u r great writer, so u have to show ur inner expression to the world. Else whtz the use if u dont show to others?? Forget abt this blody assholes u r copying ur work, they r loosers…God will Punish them…!!!

Wil b waiting to See u back with great lines again…


Zeba Sanober.

Ya, Shikha, u r right with your view that if anybody copy your post, he must show your name with this.
….However, i would like to suggest you that u should make a declaration on bottom of your blog as ‘copy right’. ….and i think…..such comments should be posted personally to those person only, not to all as publically. Thanks

Hi… Thanks for your visit… and your suggestion… Ravi ji..

Well I had already mentioned ‘Copy Right’ but seems you had not noticed…

And yeah, one thing, I praise everyone very openly for their kind gestures and I comment negatively to anyone very openly if I found them wrong… Just like you, as you have done on my Blog.. 🙂

Neways, Thanks once again for your visit and suggestion… 🙂

Dont Worry, ur originality will remain like the way it is.Fake people and stolen ideas never last forever.

Write a new post “‘Catch me if you can””

@ Ashish…

You are so right, fake people and stolen ideas never last forever.. but it seems, more and more people these days are adoption this bad habit of stealing…
lolzzz… “Catch me if you can” 🙂 ?? Sure… 😉

Sorry Shikha….Nice work….
Keep Writing…..Ur realy gud…

@ U knw:

Thanks so much.. 🙂
I appreciate and am really impressed by your kind gesture. 🙂
God Bless!!

Hi there,, SHIKHA JI

You r Exceptionally Beautiful in delivering your thoughts & i have gone thru all your work ut I am amused by these lines

Yet…. There’s something… I would like to add here… Many People are copying my work, or in easy words…. They are stealing my work, without mentioning my name anywhere where they post it… And also, upon being caught up, they insist it is their work…. This really feels sad, and depressing to me… After all, I am a human Being, so these things hurt a lot…
And, this is the one major reason, I am not posting anything new here… Frankly speaking… I could not….

All i would say to you that even if people are copying your Poetry It is not worth to Restrict your REAL Admirers of having a great time in reading your wonderful thoughts After all They are not the culprits why to Punish them for someone else’s action …….
I dont mind saying tht it does hurt at times when you see your creation being copied & being insisted about the it But then you should be satisfied That your work is travelling & getting appreciated by people around the globe more-ob=ver you should also understand tht some-where in their own heart ( Popele who steal your poetry ) they know that it is not theirs & they they dont deserve to be applauded for it …………….
Consider this “”Ek phool ki khusboo hamesha wahi rehti hai chahey woh kisi mandir par chadhey ya kisi Mazaar par””
Tumhaari kavittaayein Phool ki waho khusboo hai jo hamesha mehekti rahengi Mandir ki baat ho ya mazaar ki “””””

So i would request you to kindly (IF EVER YOU Come across this comment ) chanbe your decision People like us dont deserve to be punished for no fault of Our’s

Thank you


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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(c) CopyRight!!

I request everyone, "Please Don't Steal Emotions"!! It would be so nice of you, if you mention my name, whenever and wherever you post my work..
Thanks In Advance!!!
Shikha (MahiYa)

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Hey Dear Friend, :)
I am not any perfect poetess, but tries to write whenever I feel so.. I love reading Original Poems, Original Shayari, Good Poets / Shayars / Shayaras / Sher... or something, which shows how well one could express oneself with rhythm, essence and words.
So, here in this Poetry Blog, I am trying my hands on writing something, which may be assumed as Poetry, Shayari, Kavita or something likewise.. :) They are mostly in Hindi.
I Would be pleased if a line of comment be left whenever you visit "Pages From My Diary". It will help me improve my hobby.. :)

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