Pages From My Diary (Original Shayari and Poems) Shayri shyari शायरी

About Me… :)

Hi All…

Welcome to My world.. “The Pages from My Diary”. 🙂

About my writings, I would say, These Baffling words just tumble through my mind and my thoughts. Whatever I felt about life and surroundings, I write them down, in my language, in my simple words. 🙂 A disturbing peace beckons to me, and inside myself… and then I cover myself, with Cover of Thoughts and Feelings.

So, my apologies, I am a beginner, just a learner. Trying my best to express the happy moments of life and sometimes to express the silent tears which I felt from the inside, while looking out to the world... May be I succeed someday to make you people feel the same.

Most important thing, this is really nice to see, our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our zeal, our Poetry on various sites… But it hurts a lot, to see them with someone else’s name, without being proper credit to the original writers… Copying Stuff and taking the whole credit of that stuff is really disheartening for the original writer…

Creativity comes out of imagination. To put your feelings, experience or thoughts on paper in form of a story, poetry or painting you need to come out of the mind frame of steeling others work. Be Imaginative, Take a pen and paper, write your own feelings…. Even though they might appear just lines, but they provide immense pleasure to self…

You like my stuff… Its Great… You want it on your site, blog, forum…. Its Greater… You give me credit for that…. That’s a lovely feeling, which could not be expressed in words… 🙂 Thanks for Understanding… 🙂


87 Responses to "About Me… :)"

aap ki baat se sahemat hai hun 😀

Thanks Tosha… humare khayaalaat bahut milte hai… 🙂

Sikha From Dil Se My Salam To U……
Appki Shayeri Mein Bahot Dard Hai,
Mere Pass Alfaz Nahi Jo Main Isko bayan Kar Sakun,,,,,,,,


Sikha Ji Kaya Main Apka Dost Ban Sakta Hun……

My Email………

Jisko maine de di apni ye zindagi,
Woh shakhs hi mera qaatil nikla

Wafaparasti main na koi kami ki,
In wafaon se na kuch haasil nikla

Ishq, mohabbat, qasme waade,
In lafzon ka asar uspe baatil nikla

Hum to toofan se darte rahe lekin,
Jisne duboya mujhe, wo saahil nikla !!

wah farid ji aap bhi khoob likhte hai

Farid… That’s really so nice of you, to appreciate my work… 🙂 But, I am still a learner…

And, I must say, That’s a Beautiful effort from your side… Very nice work… 🙂

Thanks Again Maddhu for your visit…. 🙂

Dear Sikha,

The comment you gave me on my blog was best I have ever got since I created my blog.

Thank a lot and I will add your blog in my blog-roll.

Keep it up.

You really have a wonderful blog…and some great writing. intense. Gonna take time reading all…

Thanks a lot Krunal… 🙂

@ Hanu…

Thanks a lot for your time and consideration…
Do come again.. 🙂

Hi, just to say,
I am learning about this ‘world’ of blogging everyday.
It is not the wonderful place that I initially thought it was,
a place for honest thoughts and expressions.

Most authors bring in with them their real world failings,
and will do anything to make them appear the intellectuals
they are not.
Even steal others material.
Just do not let it bother you.

I am more the wanderer, read much more than I write.
Every individual writer has their own way of thinking and writing.
It is not too difficult to identify the honest writer.
Those who will appreciate your work, will return to read more.

I apologise not being able to comment on your poems,
only because it is in a language which is unfamiliar.

Best wishes.

Itne responses toh hume bhi aaj tak nahin mile.. !

Good going !

BTW, Tosha ki shayari ak ab address hai : .. change kar lijiye apne blogroll mein.

@ little indian…

Thanks for your supporting my views… and I fully agree to your point that those who will appreciate my work, will return to read more… Yes, they do… and I thank all visitors for their valuable visit to “Pages from my Diary”.. 🙂

Each and Every Visit is countable to my efforts and it helps me improve myself… So, Even if you dont comment on my poems, I would like u to return back and help me improve myself… 🙂

Thanks a lot… 🙂

@ Ikshayar…

Please sharminda naa kare… 😛 You are always so many steps ahead from Us… 🙂

Thanks a lot, for keeping in touch with “Pages from my Diary” … 🙂


Nice work shikha this is the first time i saw ur dairy its really amazing and i love to read new things coming days.

Luv u

सही है, स्वागत है.

@ kaleem…

Thanks a lot for your visit… 🙂
Surely, I will keep updating this Diary… Do Visit again… 🙂

@ समीर लाल…

बहुत बहुत शुक्िरया आप्का… 🙂

Hi again,
I see you are prolific as ever.
You have also doubled your work by writing in two scripts.

What would you say if I requested you to triple it?
By writing the gist of your poems in English,
a few line only, for the few like me,
who wish to know what you are writing about?

@ Little Indian….

Thanks a ton for your Revisiting “Pages From My Diary”
Yes, Indeed, I have doubled my work and trying to write in my Mother Tongue (i.e. Hindi) too 🙂

That’s a nice idea you have given to me. 🙂
Of course, It will demand some more time from me, but I will try to fulfill your request.
Let’s hope, that will cast some magic on my Blog.. 🙂

just a few lines so that we get the essence.
I will put you on my blogroll, I hope you don’t mind.
It would be a shame if after all this I cannot find my way back.

Sure, It would be my pleasure to be on your Blogroll… 🙂 Thanks a ton…
And It would be a shame for me, 😦 if I could not be able to make you find your way back now…

Shikha ji!
Your thought is too nice…and able to praise. keep it up. I feel happy to find out u.

@ Mukul Chandra…

🙂 Thanks a lot…

Even I am feeling Happy to find visitors and readers like you.
You all are really Morale Boosters.
Please Keep Visiting “Pages From My Diary”…

Thanks once Again,

hi shikha..i rolld ovr sm of ur poems..n must say..
Ur a superb poet…I really cherish ur ideas..
I also write poems..shayari’s n songs…
Very nice n keep cmn up with like these…
Tk cr
Pls do visit my blog at

hi i have initiated my blog in word press..pls do visit..n encourage me..

this is too much fantasic

I am so happy to see so many Comments here… It feels so nice evertime, someone praise my efforts….

Thanks a lot to all the visitors to Pages From My Diary…. 🙂

Yet…. There’s something… I would like to add here… Many People are copying my work, or in easy words…. They are stealing my work, without mentioning my name anywhere where they post it… 😦 And also, upon being caught up, they insist it is their work…. This really feels sad, and depressing to me… After all, I am a human Being, so these things hurt a lot… 😦
And, this is the one major reason, I am not posting anything new here..

I know, Net world is full of these kind of people, but Its a request, this budding Poetess wants to say to all….
Please don’t do this to me… Please Help me Grow… 🙂

bahut behtar abhiyakti ……………………..isse jyada kehna ki zarurat hi nahi hai.i always read ur,likhti rahein………..

Dard ko bayan karne ka tarika achha laga hame,,keep up the good work,,!!!!!

Ur creations are really touchy,whnever i feel lonely or got tensed,i used to read ur poems,it gives me relief.Thanks shikha ji…Keep going.

@ Nitin, Gautam and Kamal

Thanks a lot Everyone… 🙂
You all are a source of great Motivation for me…
Please keep visiting My Diary… 🙂

Lovely and close to reality…wich is mythically always true…
Really Good work…

Thanks shikha ji 4 respecting my thoughts…..

shikha ji aapko salam karta hu. bahut dard hai aapke lafjo main. jab tak aapke jaise likhne wale hai , mujh jaise ko aapni jindagi ke kuch lamhe bina kisi soch ke bitane ko milte hai . I SALUTE YOU FOR THIS.DARD KE IS SAFAR MAIN AAPKE LAFJO SE BAHUT SAHARA MILTA HAI MUJHE SOCHTE HAI AAP LIKHTE RAHO AUR MAIN PADHTA RAHU.

Shikha how r u?
I came here after long time. Today I remembered ur shayeri…..
bas apne aap khichta chala aaya idhar.

hows the rest thingsssssssss……


Soon I’m launching my website Insha Allah.

Its all about business if u r in delhi may it will help u in future to buy something else……..
for u 50% discount………………………..


dakh kar aapke tanhai ko ham phareyad karta hai
mel jaya o aapko jenha aap tanhai ma yaad karta hai

Your poems are really very close to my heart. After so many years i have read something good on internet

Shikha Ji
kya aapka ye blog paid blog hai?
because free version main to ye theme hai hi nahin….
but paid version main wordpress ka naam nahin aata…
pls clarify because i want to use same theme
waiting for your reply at
pls reply

Thanks a lot… to all dear readers… 🙂

@ Sushil:

I am sending the reply to your email..
By the way, I am using “Mistylook” theme from WordPress only..

Masha Allha Kya shayeri Hai……….

Bahut Bahut shukriya aapka…

Hi Shikha,

I like your blog many times i read it.. You really have wonderful hands! I am also running my website If its possible for you can you please post something on it?

It will be really a good feeling to see your poems there..

Waiting for your posts!


Thanks a lot for your visit and comments to my Blog. I had been to your site.. that is really wonderful. Very nicely themed.. I will surely post something on it very soon…

Take Care… and keep smiling

Hi Shikha…
Just joined Yoindia today and saw ur comments there… After I saw ur signature , visited ur profile immediately. You are really a great writer and poet and knows how to actually present ur creation. Main to aapki abhi se hi fan ho gayi 🙂

Hi Charul…

Ur comments had made me smile… 🙂 really…
Its so kind of you to like my poems.. I am not great writer, but comments like yours are really great.. 🙂
Thanks so much for honoring me with such kind words of your…

Hey… So nice to read this, someone is my fan too… 🙂 Wow… And your this comment had made me your fan Dear… 🙂

Keep Visiting and Inspiring me… 🙂

yaar! really impressed…you are a institute of shayari and feelings..i like it,, damn good my dear….may allah give you more words to spread a feelings in this stressfull world.

mujhe shaamil kar le tu apne maikhaane me
me jaam tu hoon par pyaasa is zamaane me

yun to dekhe hai saudagar lafzo’n ke maine
aur hote bhi hai tum jaise maherbaan zamaane me

hats off to u

Hi Shikha…
how are u?
well miss i visited your blog almost after 2 or 3 months and very glad to see that u are still working very hard….
I really love your poetry.
and would like to ask u that would u mind if i copy your poetry urdu poetry which translitrated in english….
I already mentioned your name in my site.
and also wanted to sorry u that na chahtay howe b main ne tumhari poetry copy karli thi, and then u posted a comment on it at my blog.
uske liye really bahut bahut sorry.
well now i have made a drop down for all the poets and i wanted to mention your poetry as well in my collection….
waiting for your reply…

apki to bat hi kuch alag hai shikha ji
kya khub likhti ho ap..g8t ma’am
god bless

@ Reema Ji…

Thanks once again Reema ji..

thanx for approving me shikha….
Thankx alot, btw i love your way of writing poetry, because to me poetry is not only word but a language, a language that only lively hearts can speak….
And really u have very nice heart and your poetry explains what your heart says….

and again thanx, i would if u mail me some of your best works for posting it under your name banner….

with lots of luv and best wishes……
M. Waqas……

@ M.Waqas

In fact, I am thankful to you…
I would certainly mail my poems to you very soon…
You can also check my poems under ID name “Mahiya” on

dearest Shayara !!

Apki har Ghazal,har sher ,har Alfaz apke bahetar mustaqbil ki misal hai !! sunchene aur likhna ka hunar hi hai jo insaan ko kamiyaab banata hai aur apki shayari se wo jhalakta hai !! likhte raho jab tak ko duniya tumhari shayari ko nasihat na manlen !! waise hum bhi kabhi kabhi likhne ki koshish kiya karte hain Duva karoke mere qalam ki taqath barqarar rahe !!

Kindest Regards .
From Qadeer Toopchi

@ Abdul Qadeer Ji..

Aapka likha toh bahut baar padh chuki hoon main YoIndia par… Khoob likhte hai aap aur hamari dua rahegi aap humesha yun hi khoobsurat alfaaz likhte rahe…

Bahut Bahut shukriya aapka, hamari adna si koshish ko bahut izzat bakshi hai aapne… 🙂

Oye …….No post from last 4 months ………!!!

@ Lucky….

Yeah… I think I am a slow speeder… 😛
Well, You changed your name… I felt so confused for a moment… 🙂
By the way, “Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye” .. seems good too… 😉

mare personal dairy kaay kuch yaad gaar lamhat ap kaay sath share karna chahta hoon umeed karta hoon ap ko passand ayyan gay ap bhee apne passand likhiya thanks

Benaam Sa Ye Dard
Benaam Sa Ye Dard, Thehar Kyon Nahi Jata,
Jo Beet Gaya Hai, Woh Guzar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Sab Kuch To Hai, Kya Dhundti Rahti Hai Nigahe,
Kya Baat Hai Main Waqt Pe Ghar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Woh Ek Hi Chera To, Nahi Sare Jahan Mein,
Jo Dur Hai Woh Dil Se Utar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Main Apni Hi Uljhi Hui Raho Ka Tamasha,
Jate Hain Jidhar Sab, Main Udhar Kyon Nahi Jata,

Woh Naam Jo Barso Se, Na Chehra Na Badan Hai,
Woh Khawaab Agar Hai To Bikhar Kyo Nahi Ja

@ Akash…

Wow… Very Lovely Sharings…
These are all my favorites… Thanks for sharing beautiful shers…
By the way, jiski shayari ki pasand achhi ho, woh khud bhi achha hi likhta hoga, aisa mera sochna hai…
Hope to see your original writings too… 🙂

hi i loved the way u express ur feelings and poems ………main abhi is line mein naya sa hun apne dil ka dard likhna chahta hun par lafh nahi milte pyar ka izhar karna chahta hun par wo shabd nahi milte chahta hun jise wo kya chahte hai samajh nahi aata…
zindigi kya kya rang dikhati hai samajh nahi aata……

u r great i like them all

@ Vikram :

Hi.. 🙂 Well, that was just a try from my side, But really thanks for your valuable comment. It was a lot for me..

Even you can write your feelings, kuch bhi mushkil nahin… Just keep a diary with you and write whatever is truly in your mind. Kehte hai naa.. gum ho ya khushi, hanste jaaiye aur gaate jaaiye… so.. bus gaane ki koshish kariye, chahe khushi ka geet ho ya dukhon kaa… aur dekhiyega.. Aap bahut achha likh lenge… 🙂

Zindagi aisi hi hai.. Hans kar jiyeinge toh kisi naa kisi ke honthon par muskurahat de jaayeinge… nahin toh apne saath kisi aur ko bhi rulaayeinge…

Faisla aapka hai… Aap kya chahte hai.. sabko khushiaan baantna yaa phir.. udaasiyaan..

Hey Shikha …….

Happy new year to you n your family …….keep writing 🙂

Shikha……actually from this year i want to add a new widget to my blog …blogroll ……. !!

Can I add your blog in blog roll for a poetry section ???

Waiting for ur permission …. 🙂

@ Lucky :

Happy New Year to you and Your Family too.. 🙂

Well, I feel really honored if you found my blog worth adding to your blogroll. Thanks for such a pleasure…
A Big Yes Yes From My Side… 🙂

I m muna .I want to be me member of this forum to write shary

1st to all happy new year friends . now i m also ad in u.

Ooye permission mangi this ….is comment ne bhi approved kar ditti………. 🙂

Hey I just did find your blog. Good Stuff! Dont have time now to read trough all the topics but I will come back later to read more.

Respected miss,

Maana ke teri zindagi yun, bedaag hai guzri.
Par ye rang safedi ka bhi koi khaak rang hai?


respected miss,

Shikha jee,
aapne in dinon is blog par likhna band kar diya hai kya?
achchha likhtee hain aap. plz keep it up.

Hi Shikha,

Just now I visited your poetry… Its really great….
I can only say…. wonderful / GREAT……. keep it up…

Hi,…. good ones

Respected Shikha Ji

I am aizaz from Saudi Arabia. Today I was searching some poetry on Google. and I came to your website. Really a wonderful work. Your poetry is the true expression of the feelings of a commom man. I am impressed after reading some of your poems. You used some urdu words in your poetry, but i think most people objected on the pronunciation, like you used “J” in the place of “Z”. I think, you did well and I beleive, if they could understand your messages, it means that the language did it work. It does not matter either you said “Jubaa” or “Zubaa”. Your message has been conveyed to your audiances.
Keep it up. My best wishes are always with you.

Jumbish Labo ko de to fizaayen mehak uthe
Khushbu hain lafz aapke, toh lehja gulaab sa

i write pomes help me to evaluate myself

i write pomes i need someone to evaluats me

hi in fact i write pomes and i need someone to evaluates me i think i have talent but with a littel bit study i’ll be perfect im not perfet in english but i’ll be soon please help me

Itna sab kuch padhne k baad aapke baare me kya kahu,kuch samajh nhi aata. jaha tak main sochta hu to yaha jo kuch b h wo mahaj ek namuna h aap jaisi shakhshiyat k bbare me,baki jo sagar aapke khayalo me hilore leta h use hum jaise naacheej kahan dekh paayenge.aapke baare me main kya comment du?mere hisab se ye theek rahega, “NO COMMENTS”. ummed karta hu aapki or b bahut si bandishen hume padhne ko milti rahengi. isi asha k saath……………….
Es se pehle ki dilo me nafrat jaage,
aao ek shaam MOHABBAT me bita di jaaye,
karke kuch MOHABBAT ki baaten,
es shaam ki masti badha di jaaye……

Nigahon se Qatl kar de,
na ho taqleef dono ko,
tujhe KHANZAR uthaane ki,
mujhe gardan jhukhaane ki………

Chand KHAAKEN h jo alfaaz me dhal jaati h,
aisa nhi k main daawa-e-kalam rakhta hu,
daad-o-tehsin ki khwahish nhi shaida hargiz,
darte-darte teri mehfil me kadam rakhta hu….

Har ek puchta h mujhse mere pone ka sabab,
ya ilaahi!saari duniya ko main kaise RAAZDAN kar lu…….

………………………….JOHHNNEIY JANGID……………………..

hii shikha

wow…..nice to see….maine to aapki posts abhi sahi se padhi bhi nahi……u KNOW Y ?…….taki mein likh sakun,,,,,,abhi aapka padhunga to wo hi rahega mind mein….
,,,try karoonga khud k imotions ko kagaj pe utarne ka………..fir mulakat hogi…..khuda hafiz

There’s definately a great deal to find out about this topic. I like all the points you’ve made.

hello Shikha, how are you.
it is too nice to know about you, and this is really good blog to read your shayaris, you write very nice. Just love your shayari. God bless you.

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(c) CopyRight!!

I request everyone, "Please Don't Steal Emotions"!! It would be so nice of you, if you mention my name, whenever and wherever you post my work..
Thanks In Advance!!!
Shikha (MahiYa)

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Hey Dear Friend, :)
I am not any perfect poetess, but tries to write whenever I feel so.. I love reading Original Poems, Original Shayari, Good Poets / Shayars / Shayaras / Sher... or something, which shows how well one could express oneself with rhythm, essence and words.
So, here in this Poetry Blog, I am trying my hands on writing something, which may be assumed as Poetry, Shayari, Kavita or something likewise.. :) They are mostly in Hindi.
I Would be pleased if a line of comment be left whenever you visit "Pages From My Diary". It will help me improve my hobby.. :)

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